Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aina 14-month-old baby today!!

Cepatnyer masa berlalu....Aina dah 14 month- old pun.....her development setakat nie...ok aku compare from Babycenter
Your 14-month-old
How your toddler's growing: Your toddler is mastering new skills left and right these days — from waving bye-bye to drinking from a cup.
(waving bye bye dah lama dah since kalo tak silap aku 7/8 month sekarang dia dah pandai salam org siap cium tangan lagi...sp. time nak kuar jalan...siap cari bag minnie dia tu)
But one thing he probably hasn't gotten a handle on is adult table manners. And that's okay. It's too early for him to understand or manage neatness.(susah nak suap sekarang nak makan sendiri tapi berterabur satu rumah)
Eating is a learning experience, and at this age learning tends to be messy. So spread a splash mat under his highchair and set him free; let him learn to use a spoon at his own pace, check out the texture of egg, and find out what peas do when thrown.
14-month-old is a study in stubbornness. She may suddenly be very assertive about what she wants to do and eat, where she wants to go, and maybe even what she wants to wear (such as refusing to keep on a hat or jacket). Of course the things that you most want her not to do are exactly the things he wants to do most. Your toddler may also be determined to do things for himself, such as pour milk into his cup or put on her shoes, even if she's not quite capable of such tasks yet.
(exactly....skg Aina memang susah bangat to eat...fussy sangat...tapi makanan kita sibuk pulak nak....last week hubby fried chew keow tiow(betul ker aku eja nie) so...buat 2 types lah...for Aina and for us...biler sampai time makan...dia betul refuse her food sampai geleng2 kepala tak nak...yg dia tunjuk our food...tu tu tu.....means that dia tak nak her food yg dia nak our food..adoi ai...)
The fav. place dia tilam ...sebab dia suka lompat...since tgk cousin2 dia melompat2 atas tilam...
Satu habit dia skg nie....pantang jumpa magazine pastu dok melekat ngan magazine tu...boleh sampai 10 minutes selak2 that magazine sambil2 mulut pot pet pot pet ntah aper2 ntah.....
Habit pantangg dok umah on weekends aku dah jatuh kat Aina...since dia dah tahu jalan nie..esp on weekends kalo ader mama n abah dia kat rumah..pantang tgk shoes...sibuk lah try nak pakai..tu tandanyer dia ajak jalan.....pernah tiba2 dia meraung tak ingat punyer...lepas abah dia dukung n bawak kuar terus diam...n terus tersengih......kecik2 dah pandai acting.
How your life is changing: You may as well let your toddler do what she wants with her food, as you probably won't have much luck trying to stop her. Why? At this age, the things you say no to have the most allure, so grin and bear it, and make sure your house is childproofed. Cover outlets, lock low cabinets, and keep fragile items out of reach; that way she'll be safe and you can relax a little.

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