Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Planning( 1 Feb n CNY )

On 1st Feb, biasa lah kan Federal Day..just wanna to list down PH planning...
On Federal Day...Friday till Sunday we decided to go back to hubby hometown "Tasek Gelugor,Penang"...lagipun masa mak dia balik from Mecca hari tu kitaorg tak balik pun...tulah sebab kena balik nie...mak dia dah dok bebel kat dia...anak mami lah katakan.....ishhhhh.
Ada can lah aku ajak hubby pi merayau kat Island....boleh shopping moping skit...

Never mind lah...coz aku dah plan oledi to go back my hometown (Gemas) pulak on CNY...hahahha....hubby on jer...maybe on next Friday kitaorg bertolak..coz on 1st CNY....collect angpow maaa...our friends suruh pi beraya rumah depa....mak aku pun dah bising last balik raya haji hari tu...bukan aper sebenarnya nak tengok cucu lah tu...lagi2 Aina dah berjalan..excited lah depa.

P/s : susah betui kahwin "Utara Selatan" nie..boleh pokai kitaorg kalo every month kena balik....

Pap Smear

Guys..aku tak buat lagi this test..dari sehari ke sehari aku nak pi buat tak buat2 jugak...ingat nak buat kat LPPKN Jalan Raja Laut..tapi malas betui nak ke sana ...suddenly aku terasa nak buat jer...secara kebetulan barang siapa yg ader UOB card (lady) type tu ...ader promotion check up just RM50 for pap smear n breast check up...kat Pantai Hospital...aku nak pi...tapi bila nie?...due date promotion 31 March nie...tengoklah bila der free time nanti..

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a test your doctor does to check for signs of cancer of the cervix. The cervix is part of your uterus (womb). During a Pap smear, your doctor takes a sample of cells from your cervix to be tested. To take the sample, your doctor will put a special instrument called a speculum into your vagina. This helps open your vagina so the sample can be taken. Your doctor will gently clean your cervix with a cotton swab and then collect a sample of cells with a small brush, a tiny spatula or a cotton swab. This sample is put on a glass slide and sent to a lab to be checked.

What is the sample checked for?
The cells on the slide are checked for signs that they're changing from normal. Cells go through a series of changes before they turn into cancer. A Pap smear can show if your cells are going through these changes long before you have cancer. Cervical cancer is not life-threatening if it's caught early. This is why getting regular Pap smears is so important.

What do the results mean?
A negative Pap smear means that your results are normal. A positive Pap smear means that your results aren't normal. A positive Pap smear can be a sign of a number of changes in the cells on your cervix:
Inflammation (irritation). This can be caused by an infection of the cervix, including a yeast infection, infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) or herpes virus, or many other infections.
Very early signs of cancer. These changes are called dysplasia.
More serious signs of cancer. These changes affect the top layers of the cervix but don't go beyond the cervix. This is called "carcinoma in situ."
More advanced cancer.

When should I have Pap smears?
You should have your first Pap smear when you start having sex or by age 18.Continue having a Pap smear once a year until you've had at least 3 normal ones. After this, you should have a Pap smear at least every 3 years, unless your doctor thinks you need them more often. Keep having Pap smears throughout your life, even after you've gone through menopause.Certain things put you at higher risk of cervical cancer. Your doctor will consider these when recommending how often you should have a Pap smear.If you're older than 65, talk with your doctor about how often you need a Pap smear. If you've been having Pap smears regularly and they've been negative, you may not need to keep having them.

How reliable is the test?
No test is perfect, but the Pap smear is a reliable test. It has helped drastically lower the number of women who die of cervical cancer.Sometimes the test may need to be redone because there were not enough cells on the slide. The lab will tell your doctor if this happens.ThinPrep, PAPNET and FocalPoint are ways to make Pap smears more accurate. ThinPrep is a way of preparing the sample of cells that makes it easier to spot abnormalities. PAPNET and FocalPoint are computer systems that help lab technicians find abnormal cells. These options may not be available in all areas, and they may increase the cost of a Pap smear.

What should I do before the test?
Plan to have your test done at a time when you aren't having your menstrual period. Don't douche, use a feminine deodorant or have sex for 24 hours before the test.
What happens if I have a positive Pap smear?
If the results of your Pap smear are positive, your doctor may want to do another Pap smear or may want you to have a colposcopy. A colposcopy gives your doctor a better look at your cervix and allows him or her to take a sample of tissue (called a biopsy). Your doctor will use an instrument called a colposcope to shine a light on your cervix and magnify it. Your doctor will explain the results and discuss treatment options with you.

Monday, January 28, 2008

***Layan ....Blues*****

* sori yer guys...petang2 gini teringat aku kat this songs....layan blues jap yer...

dedicated to my beloved hubby n my lil. sweetheart*

My Destiny

(Christina Aguilera)

What if I never knew

What if I never found you

I''d never had this feeling

In my heart

How did this come to be

I don't know how you found me

But from the moment I saw you

Deep inside my heart

I knewBaby, you're my destiny

You and I were meant to be

With all my heart and soul

I give my love to have and hold

And as far as I can see

You were always meant to be

My destiny

I wanted someone like you

Someone that I could hold onto

And give my love

Until the end of time

But forever was just a word

Something I'd only heard about

But now you're always there for me

When you say forever

I'll believeBaby, you're my destiny

You and I were meant to be

With all my heart and soul

I give my love to have and hold

And as far as I can see

You were always meant to be

My destiny

Maybe all we need

Is just a little faith

.Cause baby, i believe

That love will find a way

.hey..Oh baby, you're my destiny

You and I were meant to be

I give my love to have and hold

And as far as I can see

You were always meant to be My destiny

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Saturday,26th Jan 2008
My SIL's maid has run way that morning..she working for her for close two years oledi.Pening...wo SIL aku tue...n aper yg aku dgr dia lari ngan maid tue dah kahwin pun..n she has a husband and son at Indon.Aku selalu borak dgn dia nie...n memang close with my SIL's family...yerlah dah 2 years kejer kat sini....mana tau boleh jadi cam aku tido lah rumah depa last night sebab kebetulan husband dia skg kat Morocco.SIL aku quite disappointed b'coz she has treated that maid macam ahli keluarga sendiri...n didn't expect the maid to run away.And my hubby pun temankan sis dia buat police report.SIL called the agency n need to wait another 6 month for new maid from Indon.The major problem is....bukan pasal kerja rumah tapi she worried about her daughter yg OKU tu...sape nak take care semasa sekolah coz selama nie maid tu yg dok temankan dia kat sekolah.Terpaksalah SIL aku tu ambik cuti sekejap.....

Sunday,27th Jan 2008
Wake up early today....coz I've the class at UKM Bangi this morning ...n da class start on 8am.Ingat nak tinggalkan Aina dgn SIL's maid, tapi dah lari terpaksa lah bawa sekali.....yer lah malas nak bawak sebab Abah dia drive n just drop by kan aku jer kat UKM..pastu pusing balik....tapi sekarang...dia dah sopan sikit duk dalam car seat tu..ikut mood dia jer..kalo baik ok..kalo tak tunggang terbalik lah car seat tu...tak nak kena ikat..tu lah yg aku risau nak tinggalkan dia alone with abah dia time drive..
Sampai jer...kat class,classmate kate lecturer send da sms inform that class cancel coz demam.Argghhhh jauh2 aku dtg nie..aku pun tgh demam nie....ishhhhhh.Nasib baik hubby tak jauh lagi n pusing baliklah pick up aku..suka bangat lah Aina tengok mama dia..masuk balik dalam kereta.
Terus balik rumah SIL n masak for lunch...lepas makan membuta ngan Aina..hubby pun sama..letih kot...aku pun bukan sihat sangat lagi nie...makin teruk pulak flu aku nie...mana taknya ubat cukup payah aku nak makan...sampai kena paksa ngan hubby aku...:-((

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Me...Not Feeling Well"...Ting Tong(update)

*update latest pic. Aina (susah wo nak ambik gambar dia senyum skg)

I'm so not feeling well today.Actually, I haven't been feeling too well for two or three days ago.Maybe due to flu kot.Nak kata demam tak jugak....pening pun tak...rasa ting tong lucky today PH n aku decide just stay at home..tidozzzzz.Tapi pagi tadi sempat gak menyingah kat Giant Bandar Kinrara..beli grocery + bawak Aina main playground kat sana.Huh...Aina dah start walking dah...terkedek2 macam itik pulang petang kihkihkih.Fuh...and she start to be all over da place exploring ntah aper kebendanya...pening2.
No idea to write..coz still ting tong nie...just paste da e-mail from abt 13month-old baby
"She gets better at expressing herself through words and gestures, she'll enjoy being around other children. If you take her on playdates or to the park, you may notice that she plays near other children but not really with them. Experts call this "parallel play," and it's perfectly normal for a 13-month-old who still thinks the world revolves around her. "
(betui gak nie..)

Argh...esok keje .....ting tong lagi nieeee!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (update)

Aina dah kepenatan...nie penat giler lah nie....

3 Days & 2 Nights Stay In Berjaya Tioman Beach,Golf & Spa Resort

with return air tickets for 2 pax!!!!

Wei geng wa nak announce that wa akhirnya berjaya on lucky draw....wei seumur hidup aku tak pernah dapat wo....tu lah excited skit nie haaaa...
Wa pun tak sangka boleh menang..tapi bila DJ announce wa punya nama...menggiggil gak..kelam kabut cari ticket vouncer tu...
oklah...nak kuar nie...nanti wa sambung balik that stories camner wa boleh menang ker.....

****Update***Ingat tak before nie wa ada bagi tahu...yg dapat vounder bernilai RM200(nasib baik free).nak dijadikan cerita masa pagi tu...kononya tak nak spent any RM kat situ tapi disebabkan misunderstanding ngan minah yg jaga counter habis lebur RM200 dalam kotak lucky draw.....rupa2nya for enter the lucky draw suppose spent RM10 per wa invest RM200 for lucky for makan2 tarak lah...terpaksa kuar RM sendiri beli vouncer lagi yerlah abis wa nak makan aper kan....

Ramainya manusia aku rasa kalah lah Jom Heboh..mana taknya company nie banyak anak crowded bagai tak ingat lah....

Bila dah leburkan RM200 dalam lucky draw memang frust....nasib baik dapat extra RM150 coz hubby friend kasi ...hehhe..tapi tak leh nak spent pun...sebab nak main game fuhhhh punya ramai org...nak spent kat food pun...dah licin semua aku decide tg last vouncer ni sumbat dalam box lucky drawn last yg last kopek nie lah menang...yg kelakarnya masa time nama wa dok disebut wa sibuk tgh BF Aina...kat tepi2 kerusi tu..lintang pukang wa lari naik atas yerlah 2, 3 kali jugak lah nama wa diumumkan....depa ingat wa dah blah.....gabra beb tak sangka boleh menang....tapi berangan jugak nak dapat..sebab sebelum tu hubby dah ajak balik...tapi aku kata tunggulah kejap dah alang2 dari pagi sampai kepetang nie..mana tau dapat....konon2 berangan nak GrandPrize ..MPV tu.....

At last...tunggu yer Tioman maybe on April kita orang sampai di sana.....nie kena saving skit nie...w/pun free tapi nak enjoy jugak...rezeki kot..sebab sebelum nie wa memang dah plan for vacation tapi tak decide ke mana....Pulau Tioman not bad aper....ok tunggu wa and family soon..Peace!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gatal Tangan

Disebabkan kegatalan tangan aku semalam...try to customize layout layout aku semalam jadi haru biru...sampai aku blur tak tahu nak buat aper..ntah macam mana aku ter switch template..lagi2 bila aku try to edit new HTML template ..n blogger reject the request...langsung macam2 coding yg kuar...biru mata aku...kihkih..tulah aku nie kan gatal menukar...lagi satu habit buruk aku nie cepat boring tengok sesuatu benda tu...n start lah tangan aku nie menggodek...padahal...dah ler this week kejer menimbun...sempat lagi tu....ishhhhhhhh..
Ah forget it....!!!

Ha....esok ader carnival company aku kat Bukit Jalil Golf Club...hahahaha...suppose staff kena beli one booklet coupon to entry, RM10 per booklet...yang syok nyer aku dapat free jer....bos aku yg baik hati tu bagi....bukan skit wei.....RM200 tu...melantak lah aku kat sana..apalagi aku contact my Sis and SIL to join da group...n depa terus confirm to follow....
Esok boleh aku bersuka ria di sana............. Peace!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jadilah ibu bapa yang PRIHATIN

Sejak dua menjak nie...kes kehilangan kanak2 semakin menakutkan...seriau aku tengok lagi2 terbayang kalo lah anak aku...fobia rasanya kan.Jauhkan lah benda2 cam gini terjadi kat diri aku even semua parents in Malaysia.Kenapa lah ada manusia kejam tak berhati perut....menjadikan kanak2 nie sebagai mangsa...apalah yg dia org tahu...

Nielah....cabaran ibu bapa sekarang...dalam kita dok bercita2 nak bagi terbaik buat anak2 kita....even in education,life or whatever....the most important thing is our child safety......SAFETY....tak selamat ke Malaysia nie...memang kat mana2 pun kita berada even 100 meter depan rumah kalo tak berjaga2 akan terjadi juga perkara yg tak diundang...lagi2 kanak2 yg dibiarkan tanpa pengawasan....bermain di taman,ke kelas ugama, ke kedai...hatta dalam rumah sekalipun...

So...24 hours ker kita kena awasi anak2 kita..YES definitely....24 hours...tapi camner dgn kita yg bekerja nie....tu lah sebab kita kena cari org yg betul2 boleh dipercayai...tapi....orang skg nie...dah lain.....rambut sama hitam hati masing2...kekadang tu org yg kita percayai pun ibarat "harapkan pagar,pagar makan padi"(betui ker perpatah aku nie)...runsing aku bila memikirkan perkara nie....................

Susahnya....kan....kita yang keluar utk mencari rezeki nie.....kalo boleh nak tgk anak kita tu sentiasa ada depan mata...BUT ibu yg tak berkerja juga perlu prihatin ke mana,di mana, anak sentiasa lah kita jadi ibu bapa yg PRIHATIN mulai jam ini,minit ini, saat ini dan setiap masa....

Sebagai bangsa yg prihatin...marilah kita sama2 berdoa agar penjenayah besar yg menjadikan kanak2 ini sebagai mangsa agar segera dapat diberkas dan DIHUKUM setimpal dengan apa yg dilakukan.Dan semoga semua kanak2 hilang akan kembali kepada ibu bapa yg sentiasa menghrap kepulangan anak2 mereka........

P/s : aku jadi emosional sangat bila menulis tentang nie.....terlalu emo. sebab aku tak dapat bayang kalolah aku menjadi seperti mereka yang kehilangan anak...rasanya macam kehilangan arah tujuan hidup..Semoga Allah memakbulkan doa kita semua.Amin

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Aina's Growing Up..

Aina is almost one years-old + 1 month.. n I can't believe how quickly this has all gone by.Arghhh cepatnyer membesar my lil. sweet heart nie.....she understands so much....apa yg aku katakan...dia tahu aper tu cat,bath,bird,ball...etc...
Pantang listen the music....n fav. song is This Old Man....sure clapping bagai tak hingat punya...

Anyway, her rate of development is still on a +ve slope.Walaupun dia just start bertatih..every one in a while, she'll balance herself on her feet without support.

You know what, her voice is getting stronger and her vocab. is getting tough, along with "ba..abah.."....."ma...mama"...."ta..ta..ta"....""(she'll follow me if I say lalalala)...."yehhh"(ayat kalo dia berjaya do it something yg kira power gila susun small cube ke atas)...but the famous word is "ABAH"...tension aku...

Altho. skrg nie she still cannot walking...but I'm bettin' that she'll walking soon..which is really soon....tunggu.....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pendidikan Khas

Reason aku ingin meluahkan isu ini adalah untuk mewakili luahan rasa my SIL,yang mempunyai seorang anak OKU.Her daughter mengalami satu penyakit lemah anggota badan dalam bahasa perubatan aku tak tahu lah.....masa lahir normal...tapi bila dia semakin membesar cara perkembangan dia gak berbeza....dan lambat berjalan...dan doc. mengesahkan dia ada masalah tulang pinggul....disebabkan itu dia lmbat berjalan dan susah nak bercakap....dia boleh bercakap tapi kurang jelas...n now she's already 9 years old dan selama 2 tahun dia ditempatkan di kelas khas di sebuah sekolah....

Selama 2 tahun dia di tempat di situ...aku tengok tak der aper perubahan pun...yg aku tahu dari SIL aktiviti2 kanak2 nie melukis mewarna melukis mewarna....dan SIL aku sendiri terpaksa menghantar daughter dia tuition semata2 untuk belajar membaca...padahal anak dia nie....bukan nya sindrom down tapi di layan seolah2 kanak2 sindrom down yg lain(sebab majoriti dalam class dia kanak2 sindrom down)..bukan aku cuba memandang rendah kepada kanak2 sindrom down tapi yg aku faham di sini...cikgu2 kat situ seolah2 mengangap anak SIL aku nie...tak seperti kanak2 normal...seolah meanaktirikan hak anak tu untuk mendapatkan education yg lebih sempurna....
SIL terpaksa ber debate dgn pentadbir sekolah untuk memasukkan daughter tu kelas normal....tapi pihak sekolah seolah2 mencabar my SIL atas alasan anak dia tidak sesuai untuk dicampurkan dgn kanak2 normal yg lain...
Pendapat aku lah kan, sewajarnya anak SIL aku tu diberikan peluang mendapatkan pendidikan yg lebih baik daripada di tempatkan di kelas khas yg mempunyai aktiviti yg ntah apa2 kalo kelas khas sekalipun takkan guru yg mengajar tak der cara untuk mendidik atau mengajar hatta mengajar membaca sekalipun.....kepada kanak2 yg dianggap seperti cacat...even pelajar buta @ bisu sendiri boleh membca inikan pula anak SIL aku tu yg hanya lemah anggota badan dan sukar untuk bertutur...
Takkan selama 2 tahun dia di kelas khas tu tak der aper perubahan?
Tahun nie...SIL aku tu berjaya dgn perjuangan nya untuk menempatkan ank dia ke kelas normal....tu pun terpaksa naik turun jabatan masuklah anak dia tu ke tahun 1 even skg nie....umur dia dah 9 tahun....tapi yg membuat SIL aku kecil hati adalah dgn pihak pentadbir sekolah yg seolah seperti mahu mencabarnya....terdapat juga segelintir ibu bapa yg memandang serong terutama bila anak SIL aku di tempatkan sekelas dgn anak2 depa...tu lah mentaliti org2 kita.....
Disebabkan itu....SIL letakkan maid dia di sekolah untuk mengawasi anak dia tu....lagi satu cerita yg aku dgr disebabkan prinsip terpaksa menempatkan anak SIL aku ke kelas normal....terdapat segelintir guru di situ seolah2 tidak sedar @ buat2 tidak sedar kewujudan anak SIL aku di dalam kelas @ sekolah.Yg kesiannya budak tu..lah..n skg she's become more sensitive dan mudah menangis...n SIL aku tu bertambah tertekan dgn keadaan nie...dah lah her husband bukan org Malaysia....n selalu ulang Morrocco Malaysia...dan yg terpaksa handle SIL aku alone lah....

moral of the story...yes memang Education System kat Malaysia yg terbaik di dunia,dan terdapat maktab khas untuk mengeluarkan guru2 yg berkaliber terutama mendidik anak2 OKU...yes memang terdapat anak2 OKU yg memang telah berjaya dengan sistem pendidikan...skg..tapi bukan semua.....segelintir sahaja...tapi macam mana dgn yg segelintir lagi ingin meneruskan perjuangan mereka kalo masih lagi terdapat segelintir manusia....yg menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka seperti tidak IKHLAS.???

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yups...hari nie tak kuar pi mana2 just relax kat rumah n main puas2 ngan Aina...lagi pun dia bukan sihat sangat hari nie...badan panas sikit...malam tadi panas gak dalm 38.2 darjah terus sumbat ubat kat poo poo dia terus down sikit panas tu...
Tadi pagi gotong royong ngan hubby bersih kan rumah terasa duk umah baru lak...semua furniture kitaorg tukar tempat...tukar permandangan sikit...satu rumah aku aku mop hari nie..waaaa...rajinnya aku.......
Baru terasa aman duk umah nie...sedap mata memandang...sejuk rasa.......tengok umah aku teratur semua barang...yelah...weekdays mana lah aku sempat nak wat cam nie segala......hari2 cuti nielah rumah aku nie berseri2....

Aina biasa lah dengan toys n books dia tu...w/pun demam sikit tetap tak reti diam...dan asyik nak mengempeng jer....pantang aku duduk...terus duk kat riba selak2 baju mama dia nak nenen...dah pandai dah lay down sendiri atas riba aku nak mintak nenen.....nak..nak...tu lah ayat power dia skg...dia sebenarnya dah boleh dah berjalan tadi dah 5...6 langkah aku tengok tapi lepas tu terus duduk takut lagi kot..tak per Aina slow key baby!!!

Nie kejer aku tengah boring da...But I like it!!

Your Body Image is 8% Unhealthy, 92% Healthy

You have a great body image. You know that no one looks perfect, and you're happy the way you are.

Also, you don't judge other people on their looks... and it helps them feel better about their own bodies!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Save on splurge

Tadi duk godek2 magazine box lama so sambil2 tu dok selak2 lah n jumpa this topic ways to save splurge and still keep to a budget.Aku rasa this topic sangat lah bersesuian dengan aku memandangkan,tahun baru pun baru bermula...n salah satu azam baru yg MESTI aku kotakan...keep saving this ways aku rasa baguih sebagai panduan bagi aku....yang mata duitan nie...hehehhe.

1) bila sampai pay day, NEVER go from ATM to a shopping mall...kalo tak all that money dalam wallet kita tu...akan lesap kat?(faham2 jerlah)...

2) shop with kawan yg tak sabar,ngan spouse or child gerenti kita kurang shopping.(nie betul sebab aku nie selalu shopping sorang2 maka byklah membeli tapi kalo pi ngan hubby gerenti aku tak beli aper2)

3) Take a 10 minutes bfr buying on impulse, chances are u'll decide otherwise.

4) Paling penting nie....never shop for food when hungry.(sebab aku banyak habis kan duit kat makan..makan...makan)

5) Grocery shopping- make a list - take it n buy from list ONLY.(nie kena betui2 berlatih nie...sentiasa failed kalo sampai tang nie)

Lagi..any idea????

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Semua orang need da motivation to build up personal achievement.So,sekarang aku really need da achieve all my 2008 goals.Lagi2 early January ni aku tersangat2 lah memerlukannya macam rasa down kejap.....but aku tahu I need to wake up from mimpi2 yag tak pasti dan aku mesti merealisasikan all my dream before umur aku sampai ke angka 3+.Aku masih ader 4 years++ untuk menjadikan all my dream come true.
Why people nowadays always thinking about money especially...sebab jawapan nyer senang jer kan...dunia sekarang memang dunia duitan....

MOTIVATION for me.....
(nampaknya aku lah yang kena motivate kan diri aku sendiri)

Don't make your goals too easy; you'll be cheating yourself.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Goal Setting 2008...

Disebabkan semangat Sis Anamiraa aku pun excited to share my goal for this year....sebagai record and proven to myself.
  • Increase my monthly income 90% per month.(I know I can do it!!!dan dalam kearah itu..)
  • I MUST allocate my income to saving account at least 10% from gross income.
  • I MUST allocate my money to my mum secukupnya.(insyaAllah...harap2)
  • I MUST get more than 3.5 pointer this semester.
  • To be a good mother,wife and daughter.
  • To be a good worker and IKHLAS dengan aper kerja yg aku lakukan.
  • Menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai hambaNya dengan sempurna.
  • Buka buku balik about cooking esp. in pastry.
  • Banyakkan membaca at least one book per month.
  • Dapat menunaikan semua yang aku list down and enjoy my life. seadanya.

There are two worlds: the world that we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination. (Leigh Hunt)

There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.... ( Indira Ghandi )

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye 2007 and Welcome 2008

Bye bye 2007 and welcome 2008.2008 just began and first of all I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR semoga tahun nie lebih bermakna.

Walaupun aku tahu ada some wishlist yg tak kesampaian last year, I'll continue to bring my wishlist last year untuk direalisasikan this year.

Aku dah senaraikan 10 wishlist for this year harap2 semua tu akan tercapai.Semua perancangan aku dah senaraikan dan insyaAllah akan terlaksana.

New year eve just celebrate kat rumah SIL coz condo dia betul2 opposite KLCC try ambil gambar masa bunga api tapi tak clearlah hampeh....