Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Bosan" is just a word!!!

Refer to my faverete Forum SI,about "bosan".Aku wonder if "bosan" is just a word or about feeling.People think if they are missing something from their heart,the word "bosan" will come out.Aku can feel when boredom reach in one level our life, We will thinking "What we are doing now, correct or not?"
Aku try to avoid "bosan" in my life...aku try seeking motivation, then trying to stay motivated and aku looking someone/ something that will inspire me to go on with my life.
Bosan @ Bored....How can aku will be bored?aku ada my little Baby to take care, my caring Husband to pamper, my commitment either work @ study.....and aku ada Allah and Al-Quran....as a guide
My mum call me workholic and always remembered me...about my responsibility...aku never stopped...while do not get what aku impikan.
To my friends who are bored or unhappy with your life do it something that u will never regrets.My hubby always remembered me " Life is to short to be sad"

Joyce Meyer said: “Without vision, we atrophy and become bored and hopeless.
-Do you have a vision for your life?
-Do you wake up early because you are so excited about what you get to do today with the mission God gave you?
-If not, are you ready for a little excitement and passion?
-Are you willing to surrender to living a life on purpose?

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