Friday, May 16, 2008


Aku baru jer order this kat SINI,tujuan nyer satu je senang aku nak monitor segala pergerakkan Aina ketika shopping.
Should I let my mother use a harness on my baby?

My mom insists on using a baby harness when she takes my 10-month-old out, even though she knows I think it?s inhumane. What should I do?

Is it inhumane to confine a baby to a stroller? to confine a baby in a carseat? to make your child take medicine? to make your baby wear warm clothing when s/he is outdoors? Just because we use harnesses on dogs, and horses etc, doesn't mean they aren't a good safety idea for kids at times. It's OK if you don't approve of harnesses and wouldn't use one when you're watching your child, but when your mom [perhaps an older adult] is watching your child and trying to keep your child safe, I'd say *either find someone else to watch baby [with or without your mom], or *accept that your mom feels that your child needs the harness to be kept safe. I have a disability and am unable to chase her quickly at times. When I'm out in a crowd, I use a harness. Other people's opinions are not as importand to me as my baby.

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