Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aina's Development

Believe it or not, Aina going to 8 month already...cepat betui masa berlalu,cepat betul baby ni membesar rasa macam tak puas tengok her development.
Aku nak share sikit about Aina's Development for this month:

-Reaches for utensils when being fed -Bab ni aku kena more patient
- Aina may sleep between 11 and 13 hours a night (Mostly she can start to manja2 kat aku nak ngempeng around 8.30 pm tu dakh kira mamai lah tu)
-Rolls all the way around (Sejak tau crawling nie mana ceruk rumah abis di jelajah nya...journey in my home..heheee)
-Sits unsupported (Sometimes look funny if she is trying to cute)
-Has specific cries for various needs (this situation I need be more close with her...coz she need more attention from me)
-Babbles enthusiastically ( to eat and sleep, time to play-pandai sungguh)
-TesResponds to own name (Either call her Aina / Sara terus pusing mencari)
-Has different reactions for different family members (kejap jer ni crying but after a few minutes sure she will be friendly)

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