Monday, March 21, 2011

Lajulah wahai Internet Connection (TIPS)

Sejak dea menjak ni,internet connection (IC) saya memang slow,menggugat tahap kesabaran yang amat sangat. So,biasalah nasib baik Uncle Google ada, boleh juga cari tips yang boleh diaplikasikan.Harap-harap lepas ni lajulah sikit yer.

1) Sebab utama yang menyebabkan IC slow macam kura2 adalah kerana  the greater number of cookies yang tersimpan dalam komputer kita.
Most of the websites have the cookies installed to your computer so that you can use it later when needed. You need to clear them off every now and then by selecting the Tools tab and delete the offline content in “Internet Options”.

2) There are also certain spyware or adware that considerably decreases the speed of the internet as well as the computer. Remove such spyware and find a free spyware online and have it installed to your computer so that the internet works faster.

3) Some software can also slow down your computer. You need to find the software that creates trouble and get it removed or disables immediately. This can speed up your computer. You also need to remove the browsing history that is present in the Internet Options in the Control Panel.

4) Make sure your telephone connection is proper if you have a dial-up service. If there are noises and distortions in the line you can conclude that there are issues in the line. You need to get that problem fixed at once.

5) Your browser can also work fast if you disable the images and active content like videos and animations. Do this by un checking the “Show Pictures”, “Play Sounds”, “Play Videos”, “Play Animation”, boxes under the Multimedia options present in the Network and Internet Connections in Control Panel and Click OK.

6) The internet connection can also get slower if there is accumulation of dust in the modem. Clear your modem off the dust after unplugging it and then run your internet connection. Also make sure if the other connections from the modem to your computer are in place.

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